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Cleaning, Janitorial Supplies and Equipment

Country Club carries the following products, plus more:

Brooms, mops, handles

Garbage cans, bags

Wash buckets, floor cleaners,

Bowl, floor, and other cleaners

Air freshners, disinfectants

Spray bottles, clothes

Safety gloves, work gloves

laundry products, sanitizer


chemical cleaners for kitchen, bathroom, warehouses

floor machines, vacuums

Country Club Distributors makes every effort to provide Brand name products and prices to satisfy our customers.  To view our suppliers catalogues, click on "SUPPLIERS" below.  View their catalogues and then call us for ordering and prices.

Call Country Club and see what other products we carry.  

Suppliers are

511 Food Service

AGF Atlas Graham Furgale


Kimberly Clark




Watson Gloves

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